North Fork Veterinary Hospital

We care about your Animal Friends

On our first visit to North Fork Veterinary Hospital 10 years ago, we were impressed with the cleanliness. Upon meeting Dr. Pettigrew and her staff and getting to know them and their quality of care and expertise we knew we had made the right choice. Snooks loves to go to the vet which makes life easier.

~ Pat & Roger Bowman with Snooks

We have always wanted the best possible care for our pets. We consider them an important part of our family. I truly believe we found that with Dr. Pettigrew at North Fork Veterinary. We feel she cares for our pets as she would care for her own. Even though we no longer live in the Timberville area, the few extra miles over the mountain are well worth it.

~ Larry & Mary Hand with Tazz, Smokey, Ellie, Stubby, Callie, Molly and Duke

Ever since our cat, Noel, adopted us on Christmas Eve in 1999 we have used the North Fork Vet for all her needs. Dr. Pettigrew and her staff have been wonderful. They know Noel’s quirks and handle her with the greatest care and patience. We would, and have, recommended North Fork Vet to our friends and neighbors.

~ Julie Jilinski with Noel

We have been taking our pets to Dr. Pettigrew for almost 10 years and we wouldn’t want it any other way. The team at NFVH is professional, courteous, friendly, and caring – everything we wanted when we were looking for a new vet. We now have 7 cats and 4 dogs and we count on Dr. Pettigrew and her staff to be there when we need them and to help us thru all the care that is needed for our crew. Dr. Pettigrew has been there for all of our pets as well – supporting us thru the losses of those beloved pets as she supports us thru all the ups and downs as we add to our 4 legged family. We LOVE having Dr. Pettigrew and her team looking after our pets!

~ Chuck & Cathy Widzga with Abby, Baxter, Beemer, Bud, Grant, Jack, Mercedes, Misty, Nick, Ollie, & Rocky

When we moved to Timberville in 2002, we started going to North Fork Veterinary Hospital because it was convenient. We have continued to stay with Dr. Pettigrew and her staff because of their care and expertise. Dr. Pettigrew and her staff have provided excellent service, been responsive to our needs, and treated our 3 dogs with loving care. We appreciate all they have done to keep our pets healthy!

~ Kathy & Mike Smith Bella, Cassie & Rellie